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Note to First-Year Self


放轻松。Take it easy… and trust the process.


1.Cut yourself some slack.

不要觉得你需要在大门外过度投入。花些时间。Get to know who you are and constantly check-in to see if you're becoming the person you want to be.


不要忘记你经常听到的陈词滥调。Wise words like,“这与目的地无关,it's the journey" are事实上不仅仅是人们为了谈话而说的话。重要的是不要让自己只是专注于最终目标,因为在你意识到之前,college will almost be over,你会想重温那些你认为理所当然的时刻。


寻找他们,but don't just jump for EVERY opportunity that comes your way.后退一步,and see where those opportunities align with your goals because sometimes that opportunity might take time away from things that are more important and truly deserve your time… like studying,锻炼,然后睡觉。正如沃德院长所说,"engagement over involvement."

4。Be open to new things.

耐心点,保持开放的心态。Everyone did not grow up in the same environment or with the same life experiences that you have.Be patient with them as you try to explain your ideas and ideals,and be patient with yourself as you try to understand theirs as well.记得,it's a process.利用高校安全网探索新思路,new experiences,and life outside of your comfort zone.


You are not in this alone,当你环顾四周时,提醒自己,你不是第一个或唯一一个上大学的人。如果你需要帮助,向家人伸出援手,校园辅导,以及健康对等资源that being a college student affords you.很容易忘记,but you'll be surprised at how simple communication of an issue can lead to solutions flying in from every direction.


整个大学经历是一个学习过程,and with learning comes a few failed attempts.不要自满,但不要害怕失败。Whether it's in academics,关系,或者简单的人生决定,你最大的一些成就和成就会因为缺点而降临到你身上,但一定要站起来,change your approach,and keep moving forward.

You're on track to becoming your best self,所以不要过度考虑你的下一步行动。一步一步走,准备好对结果感到惊讶。