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Four tips on how to master virtual informational interviews

好吧。让我们来谈谈这个话题使most people nervous. Networking. If you’re like me, you probably know that informationals are the key to networking. Yet it’s one of the hardest art to master, especially if you’re doing it over video or phone. I’m someone who connects with people much better in person, where energies can be exchanged and trust can be built much better. Though that is still a gamble in itself. How do you ensure that a conversation with a stranger goes well? You can’t necessarily know if you’ll end up liking each other and developing a strong professional relationship.


I’m here to tell you that there are ways you both can enjoy the informational call. I love that feeling when you accidentally (or intentionally) run over the time because you were so into the conversation. When you finish the informational and can feel your happy hormones through the roof. Through multiple successful informationals, I will reveal to you what works for me. You can increase satisfaction from your conversations by equipping yourselves with these following principles:

  1. 是故意的:识别人才时,你想要连接,它应该有意向做,不只是因为那个人认为,你想要一个标题或者是要为工作的公司。你应该做你的功课事先评估你为什么要与某人交谈。应该有一个真正的目标,这将有助于你的职业发展。一个例子可能是,你想了解更多关于如何才能在X公司成功的数字营销。即将在一个有意义的目标,能让你问各式各样的有趣双方重大问题。
  2. Prep for confidence:准备是一切的关键。越多,您正在使用的信息和知识准备,更多的你要确保你想什么,说。你的一个目标应该是进入一个角度交谈。这意味着研究的人,他们的作用,他们工作的公司,以及他们所在的行业。当你这样做你的研究,记下的事情是你的阴谋一些问题。也许他们已经切换的职业道路,你有兴趣在这些领域的一个工作。你可能不知道,是什么让他们从一个切换到另一个?这是关于认识不够了解的人带来了谈话要点。这不应该超过30分钟。
  3. 让它流:所以你做你的功课,下一步是什么?这就是我要你来最轻松的部分。你做网络的最困难的部分 - 撇开分析资料和深入地思考你的意图的时间。最简单的部分就在这里!现在,你只需要说话,微笑,倾听。有良好的能量,以发出积极信号,其他人,你有兴趣和投资的谈话是很重要的。你能想到的人,就好像他们是你的老朋友,你有没有见过在这么长的 - 你不能等待学习他们的最新动态以及他们是如何在做。你的目标是,通过谈话结束时,其他人会认为他们已经认识你这么久!这需要真正倾听的能力和构建谈了起来。每当有相似或共同利益的时刻,承认这一点! Make sure the other person gets your positive reaction from what they say. Don’t get too caught up in running through your list of questions.
  4. Follow up:this part is very much dependent on your level of engagement in the conversation. This is where you’ll bring in your takeaways, ask any remaining questions, ask for introductions or offer a helpful article/research. This solidifies the fact that your conversation is more than just that, rather it’s a gateway to a professional relationship. Don’t be generic either, you can definitely use a template but personalize it. Let your voice shine through.

With these guiding principles, I have no doubt that you will find success in networking. Remember that it’s a learning process. You are not expected to have fantastic conversation every time. It’s about increasing your chance of great conversations, as your time becomes more limited and valuable. Continue to learn from those you admire and can challenge you to become a better person. You got this!