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Business Communications and Promotion in the Era of Social Media

For the past two weeks,I have settled into my internship position at Tru,Inc.,which is a start-up based in Natick,MA that produces functional performance supplements.As an intern,I am the head of Social Media Operations in regards to the outreach and management of social media influencers!What are social media influencers?…

Kristiyana Petrova

Following my Dreams in Hong Kong

With a huge passion for new cultures,traveling,and international business,I knew I wanted an internship abroad.I am originally from Bulgaria but moved to the United States at the age of eight to pursue a better education with endless opportunities for my future.I am so proud to say that this summer,I…

Ana Maharjan

New City?No Problem.

Interning in a new city can be challenging.Here are my tips for making the best out of your international work experience!

Annie Bergeron

Fall 2019 Under金博宝官网graduate Recruiting is OPE金博宝N at Babson

RECRUIT 金博宝BABSON UNDER金博宝官网GRADUATE TALENT IN FALL 2019 Babson College Hoffman Family Undergraduate Center for Career Development (CCD) invites you to join us to build your brand on-campus and identify talent for your organization!If you don't see something that fits your needs or industry, contact us,and we can set up a call to discuss your…

Donna Sosnowski

Auditions,The New Job Interview: Have You Rehearsed?

信不信由你,spring is around the corner,less than a month away. Our employer partners are springing into action,seeking talent on the 金博宝Babson campus.  Don't miss an opportunity to be in front of 55+ employers,on campus,next Thursday,February 28th.Now is the time to focus,gather information,develop an action plan…

Annie Bergeron

Recruit 金博宝Babson Under金博宝官网graduate Talent in Spring 2019!

The 金博宝Babson Under金博宝官网graduate Center for Career Development is pleased to announce our 2019 Spring Recruiting Season programs and offerings are now available!We invite you to join us to build your brand on-campus and identify talent for your organization.Below please find many ways to continue to tap into 金博宝Babson's talent this Spring.We hope…

Peer Career Ambassadors

Making the Most of your Winter Break

This blog 金博宝post was written by Peer Career Ambassador,Vivian Hsieh '20 As winter break is approaching,you probably have already made plans to travel around,to do an internship,or to simply rest up for the next semester to come.However,there are some things that you can do alongside your plan to best…

Peer Career Ambassadors

Accepting an Offer

This blog 金博宝post was written by Peer Career Ambassador,Vivian Hsieh '20 Congratulations to the students who have received an offer or multiple ones!An offer on its own is a great recognition of your hard-work and dedication,so you should definitely be proud of yourself!However,if you find yourself to be questioning "now…

Peer Career Ambassadors

How to Search for Internships

This blog 金博宝post was written by Peer Career Ambassador,Disha Sethi ('20).Regardless of your class year,finding internships can be tough.It is an intensive process that requires a sufficient amount of time.However to be efficient and ensure that you land your dream summer internship,here are a few tips: 1.Research Research…

Jacob Heller

The Internship is Over,Now What?

Last week I finished my internship at Deloitte Israel where I had an incredible experience.The people I met,the places I went,and the work I did was so amazing I could have never imagined it.But now that I am not going to work every day at 8:30 and I am about to…